What types of writing services do you know?

When you struggle to keep up with all those writing project deadlines in college…you should know there is help available! We have reviewed for you some of the best writing services out there, and now you can enjoy more free time for yourself. All you need to do is access the main website of the company, and use the Order page to fill out the form. Inform the writers about your requirements and they will send you the academic paper to our inbox.

Writing services companies offer different types of solutions, and we will enlist here the main types of services you can order. Use this guide as reference when you need to order any academic paper online.


Essays represent descriptive text, and they can contain a personal point of view or discuss a universal matter. Your teacher will most probably give you instructions on how you should write the paper. Inform the writing services company about these instructions, so that they can create a custom tailored paper for you.

Different types of essays available:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Personal statement essays
  • Expository essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Narrative essays

Essays can be as short as 1 page, but they can also be 15 pages long. Some further requirements of essays include citations, title page, amendments or bibliography pages.

Coursework assignments

“Coursework” is a universal term meant to describe any kind of text you are required to write for a given course in university/college, etc. Field work reports, essays, arts and crafts projects, or anything else that your teacher assigns to you is called a coursework assignment. Before you place your order online, it is very important to gather all the instructions given by your teacher.

Research papers

Research papers represent highly academic texts that convey your opinion on a certain topic. Research papers are quite log and they require extensive research. When you order online a research paper, you should inform the writers about the title of the paper, quotations or citations that must be used, but also about the required length (no. of pages needed). Only this way can the writers deliver a custom research paper that will bring you a good grade.

Term papers

Students write term papers on almost any subject. At the end of the term, your teacher evaluates your knowledge based on the term paper. There are many writing services online which can help with your term paper. This way, you do not have to spend long nights on research, studying and writing. Simply place your order online, sit back and relax while the expert writers will work on your term paper.


A dissertation or a thesis is a certain document that you will submit in order to sustain your candidature and receive an academic degree. Students write their dissertations at the end of their study years, and they can freely choose the topic of discussion. Preparing for a dissertation can take up several months, and especially research is very important. If you need help with writing your dissertation you can now get it online.

In fact, you can order only certain chapters such as Abstract, Methodology, Discussion, Bibliography page or any other part that you find most difficult. If you can’t afford to pay for your Dissertation in full, a good step is to order on a chapter-by-chapter basis. However, it is highlyrecommended that you order the Dissertation in time, because this way you will also save money. Writing services with deadlines such as 20 days, 30 days or even 10 days are much more affordable than short deadlines such as 3 days or 48 hours.

Read carefully the prices section of the writing company, and check there how much does it cost per page if you will order in time. You are also welcome to check out our reviews, and within the reviews pay specific attention to the Prices and Discounts & free features section.

Editing services

Writing companies offer editing and proofreading services to students. Once the writer finishes the essay, an expert editor will go through the paper and ensure it is edited nicely and that it does not contain and errors. You can also buy editing services for papers that you have written yourself. This way, you will ensure that your paper is free from grammatical or spelling errors, and that it has the correct formatting.

It is very easy to make small mistakes, and we don’t even notice these but the skilled proofreaderswill catch even the smallest problem. It is definitely worth investing in professional editing services, especially if you write papers on a regular basis. Most writing companies offer great discounts on editing, and some will even offer free proofreading/editing if you ordered the paper from them.

We really hope we could serve you with some very useful information regarding online writing services. All of our reviews are 100% genuine and honest, and we never compromise on the quality of our reviews. We invest plenty of time and efforts in creating these reviews, so that you can make the right decision regarding hiring. Good luck with your papers!